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“Mother, mother!” Shouted the boy, “We’ll be alright! The Lord grew us a tree that has golden leaves! The Holy One answered my prayers, and now we will be alright mother! And father can rest peacefully now!”

The boy’s mother stood silent, dumbfounded by her son’s outlandish rant.
“My poor son,” the mother thought sadly, “the grief for his father is making him believe in some kind of hopeful fantasy”.
The then mother crouched down to her son, and held his hands in her’s and began to speak.

“My dear sweet little boy.” His mother began tenderly, “I know you are concerned about how we shall make our living without your father.” Her eyes drifting down in shame, “And I am sorry, for the way I have been carrying on. I’ve been wallowing in my own grief, and have been blind to your feelings.” His mother’s eyes once again returned back to his, “But now you have my full attention again. So please my sweet child, do not believe in these imaginary follies.”
The boy saw the love and doubt in his mother’s eyes, and became more determined to make her believe him.

“Mother, I do not speak follies! It is true! Look into my hand and see the gold leaf for yourself!”
His mother sighed and decided to indulge in her son’s fancies for a bit longer.
Then to her shock, her son did have something that appeared to be a little piece of gold in shape of a leaf.
She anxiously grabbed it from his hands to give it a closer examination, and her eyes widened in panic in realizing it was indeed gold.

“Where did you come across such an item?!” His mother practically shrieked, for fear her son had resorted to thievery.
The boy smiled up at his mother, grabbed her hand and began pulling her out towards the door.

“I told you dear mother. I prayed to the Lord, to help us survive since he called father home. And he did mother, by growing this little tree here that has leaves of gold.”
“Perhaps it’s not too late to return this gold piece to it’s rightful owner.” Prayed the mother in her mind. “After all, he’s just a child whose mind is clouded with grief and fancy, who at the moment cannot distinguish what is right from wrong!”
The mother’s felt dizzy by her thoughts, aimlessly allowing her son to drag her to his desired location.

“See mother, look how pretty they shine in the morning light!” Beamed the small boy.
It took a moment for her head to clear, but then his mother finally realized the little tree with the golden leaves that had mysteriously been bestowed on their land.
She watched in awe of the beautiful glittery shimmer of the leaves swaying gently by the light breeze, and fell to her knees.

“How is this possible?!” His mother uttered in disbelief “Who or what could perform such a thing.”
The boy took a deep breath, feeling a bit tired of having to explain himself, and said once more,

“As I said dear mother, I said a prayer and the Holy One blessed us with this tree.”
His mother looked at him, then back at tree her eyes becoming teary, and clasped her hands to her face and began to weep.

Heres the pic by kriskeleris:Land of make believe, that inspired this fairy tale and hope you are enjoying it so far:awesome: !
Critiques are welcomed, as long as they are constructive and civil.
Story by meBunny Emoji-81 (Blushy) [V4] !

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April 24, 2016
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