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Once there was a boy and his mother, who had suddenly lost their beloved patriarch. 
After the passing of his father, the boy often saw his mother’s desperate cries.
At times, the tears she shed were from loss, for she truly loved her husband.
Others were shed from worry, for he had been their only means of support.
The concocted cries of pain and fear from his mother weighed heavily on the boy, for he was a benevolent child and sought to ease those in pain.
His compassion was so great, the boy began to fret, that his poor deceased father was also in a state of unrest, for leaving them in such a dismal state.
So, that night when the boy said his prayers he asked,

"Dear Lord, I know since my father has been called home to you, he should be at peace now. But he loved us too much not to worry about leaving us with hardly any money. And my mother is so worried. So please, help give us the means to live, till I can take over my father's role. And only give us what we need to survive, for we are happy with our lives and are not greedy."

After finishing the rest of his orison, he tucked himself to bed and went to sleep.
Then, for what had felt like only a few hours, the boy began to stir until he finally sat up in his bed, fully awake.
He then felt the strongest urge to look outside his window, and when he did, he found a small tree standing lone against the mix of night-ish blues and morning yellows of the dawn sky.
This was strange to the boy, firstly because there had never been a tree planted directly on their land.
Secondly, the small tree's leaves appeared to be a shimmery yellow color, though they were not in fall.
Filled with curiosity, the boy got out of bed slowly, careful to not wake his mother, and went to inspect the mysterious little tree.
Although there was a slight chill in the air, it still didn’t explain the yellowing of the tree’s leaves.
As the boy went closer the shimmer of the leaves became more brilliant and intense.
Mesmerized by their beauty, the boy plucked a single leaf from the tree.
It had weighed like a normal leaf, yet it did not crush from being pulled.
In fact, the leaf was hard and cool to the touch, while still sparkling with yellow brilliance.

“This looks like,” the boy said in a soft whisper, “but it can’t be. How would it be possible.”

Instantly the boy remembered his prayer, and felt a leap of hope in his heart.
The boy stared at the little leaf, playing with it in his fingers.
Then, he brought it to his lips, and bit down on it.
His eyes widened and a smile came across his face, as he saw the bite did not warp the leaf.

“The leaves are made of Gold! Oh dear Lord, Thank You!”  The boy extolled joyously.

He ran immediately to his house, practically bursting down the door with excitement.
His mother instantly awoke and ran out of bed, horrified by the sudden disturbance.
When she saw her son was the cause of the racket, a wave of relief came over her, for that meant both of them were safe.
However, relief was replaced with anger, for the apparent reckless ruckus he had caused.
Before she could begin scolding him, she was immediately thwarted by her son’s exuberant raving. 

Okay, so this is the first page to a short story I have written, so hopefully if you start reading you'll be interested enough to finish itGiggle ! 

This was a spur of the moment story inspired by kriskeleris work! Here's the exact photo that caused this spontaneous fairy tale: Land of make believe, and look at the rest of his work it's beautiful!!

Again I hope you enjoy it, feel free to comment critiques, all I ask is that they are constructive and civilChitanda Bowing Icon .
Story created by meEmoticon - Cheers !!
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April 24, 2016
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